Friday, September 24, 2010

OMFG, science night!!

so this week has been epic. Epic i tell you!!!!!!

It was natural scince week and dear lord, I'm going to have to start from the beginning.

Monday, 20.09

What happened on monday? Not much I guess.

Tuesday, 21.09

Science thingyabob competition with percentage thingies. We were in like wayyyyy over our heads BUT managed to beat couple of 10th grades if I remember correctly.

Wednesday, 22.09

Natural sciences brain-and-brawn competition. Basically you have to run to the designaed place, where they give you a question about the topic you chose earlier (physics, chem, bio or geography, there are two of each so 8 people have to compete in one team. and then you answer that, run back and the next one can go and run to the place where she gets her question and so on till the last person.
Anyway last year we won and this year? well 1-2 place, we share with 7th.
I chose biology and when I got my question I, totally on autopilot answered the question "who is the biggest rodent in estonia?
a) rat
b) squirrel
c) beaver
d) badger"
Without even thinking about it I underlined beaver, gave back the question slip and ran back.
The rest of the day was angsting over stuff like THERE'S NO WAY THE CORRECT ANSWER WAS BEAVER, IS BEAVER EVEN A RODENT?!?!?!?!?!
until I finally got to a computer ad found out, that indeed, estonias biggest rodent is a beaver.

Thursday, 23.09

Geography olympiad. I know I failed royally but quite frankly I never expected anything from that so I'm happy I even got like one question answered. Geography has never been my strong suit.
BUT after that, there was the natural science quiz andandand... If I remember correctly last year? we won. This year? omigosh WE WON, WE WON!!!
Some of the questions were extremely easy, some of them were extremely difficult and some of them we just guessed by a process of elimination and crap like that. Was fun.
Anyway. ALSO on thursday was the 1-3 grade natural sciences quiz that our teacher asked us to create the questions and later correct them and stuff like that. Apparently when we were making the questions we underestimated them BIG TIME.
in the end there were 9 teams competing. 3 first places, 1 second place and 5 third places.
yeah. anyway that was mad fun and I'd be so awesome if there were more events like that, that we could help organize.

And now for the BIG DAY.

hohohoho. Now that was possibly one of the awesomest days of my life. Well it ranks pretty high up there anyway.
First during school, prizes for the natural science week were awarded.
which was bloody awesome.
so we got our prizes ( a pen for the run thing, some sticker things for the quiz and a box of candy for the overall win.)

and then, after classes the reeeeal fun begun.
We went to SÜG for that was the place the first event we signed up was to take place.
And that event? CSI: lahkamine
I have pictures too but I'm going to upload them to livejournal and then link 'em to you to make sure that people who don't want to see the pictures get to enjoy my blog too.
PICTURES HERE (not for the faint-hearted, obv.)
Adult content notice added just in case.

after that we went to the bookstore and then met up with some of Katis friends, they went to some karate meeting thingymajingy and Birgit and I tagged along for lack of anything better to do.
Then we terrorized some kindergarden and people who live near it.
AND THEN astronomy lecture thingy B)
we got to listen to some intereting talk, we LOADS of awesomesauce pictures and uuuh it was awesome.
And then we dragged ourselves home and watched the teadlaste öö programme on ETV.
During which I may or may not have almost fallen asleep.

Also during the week:
We got our this years class picture.
Well we had to make it memorable, didn't we? It's our last year together.

And my computer was taken to the shop to be repaired.
*sigh* I miss it already.

Anyway that concludes the week of awesomeness.


The great tragedy of Science — the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.
~Thomas Henry Huxley, Presidential Address at the British Association (1870); "Biogenesis and Abiogenesis", Collected Essays, vol. 8, p. 229