Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Email posting: Test.

So I just discovered Email posting for my blog and thought I’d try it out.

I also have some news.

Apparently this schoolyear is not going to be as hectic as I first thought. Biggest reason being that the õpitoad thingy I signed up for is not going to happen. Most likely not going to happen, anyway. Reason is simple: not enough people to make the once-a-month trip here worth it.

Sad, I know but we still have some time to get some poeple together. I doubt that it’s going to happen but I guess we’ll see.

Also Russian sucks.



EDIT: yay! It works!

also they have fixed the clock gadget so it finally looks all nice and purple not some stupid white and blue. I was just thinking about changing it for something else so their timing is perfect.

&&& ALSO I got my computer back.

600EEK for cleaning out some dust. Thieves...

EDIT#2 :

coolest thing. Ever.

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