Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas and stufffffff

Estonia vs Liechtenstein today. Didn't see the first half (THANKS, BAMBS) and the second half was a bust. Ended with a 1-1 draw.

Christmasssss is coming up.
and I need to
  • bully Kaida into telling me what she wants for christmas
  • Cross-stitch some little christmas picture thingies for christmas cards (Yes, I'm hand-making mines this year. Maybe. Hopefully. If I have time...)
  • Think of what I want for christmas this year
  • Crochet a Xmas gift for Kaja this year
  • Learn how to crochet
Not necessarily in that order.

I also have to work on my handcrafts sweater that we need to be knitting and I haven't been doing it at home. Atall. Meeeeeh.
I want to do (most) of my christmas gifts by hand this year (haha, did it last year, too.) but geeeeesh I don't have the timeeeeeee.

Gah, someone is mass-reporting the new NCIS episode on Megavideo... Give it a rest, you'll never weed out piracy and online movie-watching anyway.
Which might sound ignorant and crap but seriously, I'm just a big fan and I wouldn't get to see the episodes for another couple of years and quite frankly, I just want to watch it.
If you are worried that the sales of the DVDs and stuff are going down then think of it this way: you watch the episodes on TV and then buy the DVDs anyway if you like the show
I watch it online, I like it, I would buy the boxed set if it were to be on sale here. It isn't.
If it finally comes back on TV, I'll probably watch it occasionally aswell.
Online piracy is bad but then again so is underage drinking and despite everyones best efforts, people are still doing it.
Give. it. a. rest.
And besides, I /am/ ignorant.

In other news...

...there are no other news.
Oh, right. School theater night tomorrow, I'll let you know how badly we failed. Tomorrow.
Or maybe the day after that.



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