Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fresh noms and chessire cats!

So last time I made one of those megapost thingies I thought to myself: from now on I'll start making shorter posts more frequently. Whenever something happens, I'll post.
I suck at keeping promises to myself.
I. Suck.

Andyes I started with that post like ages ago.
kayso from the beginning. Right.

Mom learned how to make bread. Like real bread. And god is that the most delicious thing ever or what?!

three kinds with different stuff in 'em.
Meat one, which was extremely delicious if a bit salty and sort of soggy. Still amazing. Got eaten before the day was up (Which is quite the feat seeing as she took them out of the oven around 8 or 9 pm.)

One with seed thingies in it (Why yes, my vocabulary is indeed very diverse today, thankyou.)
This is my personal favourite, also eaten super-quickly.

and then the last one, with fruit bits in it. The fruit bit thingies were soaked in Vana Tallinn beforehand so the bread had quite the bitter taste to it. Not very popular with the crowd. Come to think of it, some of it could still be in the cupboard (It's over two weeks old but y'know...)

And once you have some bread then the only natural next step is to make some white bread aswell.

Steaming hot white bread, straight out of the oven... Add some nutella and you've got yourself a foodgasm.
And like 10 minutes before I took that picture, that bread was about twice as long as it is on the pic. As you might guess, by now it's only a very distant memory.

So, from food topics straight to Halloween.

As you might remember, I decided to go as the Chesire cat.
And if you must see the darn pictures that I took after the party (sorry, but I totally forgot to take any pictures while at Ailis. But I can tell you this much : Aili went as Mother Nature, with all sorts of flowery thingies in her hair and around her neck and some butterfly hairclip and stuff.
Jane went as a vampire. Awesomest black wig I've ever seen, pretty much as long as my own hair.
Birgit as the sleepy head? Unemati in our language :D - wearing her PJs and all. And obscene amounts of glitter.
And then Kati as a porcelain doll.
And me... Well fine, if you must see ...
Yes those black lines under my nose are trying to be whiskers but after spending like 4 hours at aili's they are sort of faded and just look riddiculous. And yeah, I have a tail.
And no you won't get a better picture because I look like an idiot on all the others. Not just like an idiot, like an idiot with a moustache. which is so not cool if it's not intentional and if you aren't wearing a bad-ass scarf and hat thing.

Also you might notice that unlike the chesire cat, I don't have a mile-wide smile. I tried that but I just never could see a smile in all that makeup. Well judge for yourself.

Just looks awkward to me. I'm having a very hard time seeing that as a smile rather than just some fucked-up joker thing on my face.

Why so serious?

After that came Kaja and Ken. Like about half an hour after I got back from the party.
♥♥♥ awesome.
Anyway, this time I'm not going to force like a six billion pictures of Katja down your throats. Mainly because I simply didn't take any pictures because you see, I'm an idiot.
There you have it.

But I am going to show you a picture of my new phone, which is incidentally Ken's old phone.
You know one mans junk, another mans treasure, yada yada

Nokia n96. First of all it's awesome.
Second of all, it's a nokia again, which is great. I was getting fed up with how the samsungs phone batteries last approximately 2 seconds before you have to recharge them. Again.
Third of all I can finally actually put music and stuff on my phone. Not that I've ever missed that particular feature, but y'know, it's still awesome. Something new.
Ken also decided that I need an instruction manual to go with it. Since there isn't one on paper in estonian he printed one out for me.
All two-hundred pages of it. There go the amazon rainforests...
Also I don't get how anyone could possibly ever use all the darn features described in that thing. It will probably always be one of lifes great mysteries for me.
What else, what else...

Well nothing much I guess.
Ooh 'cept I found the awesomest music video of all times. OF ALL TIMES!

That's just way more powerful than I thought it would be.
and y'know that's it for today.


P.S if you really-really want a better picture of the costume then I could probably pull it on again for a little photoshoot.
P.S.S Three pictures of me in one post. Is it some sort of a holiday?
P.S.S.S Pat, in case you didn't get my message on MSN, picture of the warrior costume thingy, naooooo. (=
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone, you'll never walk alone.
~Oscar Hammerstein II, lyric for "You'll Never Walk Alone" from the musical Carousel(1945)

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