Monday, November 22, 2010


First of all: HOLY HANNAH! CLIFFIE MUCH? geesh.

soyeah, I finally got around to reading that book and it was great :D
when's the next part coming out and can you give me some spoilers?
nowait... no spoilers... but.. yes spoilers?? D:
a little one??
A tiiinyy little spoiler?

Okay so superinteresting book.
Manalised! XD
I have this odd feeling tat Erik is gonna die or turn out to be a bad guy. amirite?
Also it's really nice to read stuff about people dying while coughing while you yourself have been lying in bed for the past two days, doing exactly than... Scary stuff.

well, sorry for the shortness of this but I don't want to spoil it for anyone else. And besides it's really hard to type with one hand, lying down. Sucks, really.

Also, the translation was great and when's the next part coming?



  1. Haha, so much for the thorough review :D

    I'll comfort you, though - coughing is perfectly fine unless you have a moon tattooed on your forehead. No moons, no gross deaths x)

    No comments on the Erik part, and as for the spoiler you asked... Well, in my opinion, the next book's going to be worse, cliffie-wise. And just wait till you get to the third. Won't even mention the fourth :K:K:K

    I finished translating the next part two months ago. No idea how the editing's going. You know what it was like the last time, so patience is required :)

    AND! Is half of Kuressaare reading it yet? :D

  2. But you see, I don't have a mirror and I kind of haven't had the strenght to shower in a while so I'm pretty scared to look into a mirror. So for all I know, I could have a moon tattooed on my forehead, which would be infinetely cool and a damn shame at the same time.

    Gee, what an amazing spoiler XD

    *sigh* well, I guess I'm just gonna have to wait...
    watch, as the time goes by
    by minute
    by second

  3. Alrighty, I'll answer for you - you don't have a crescent moon on your forehead. You /could/ have one tattooed, though xD

    Ikr? What spoilers do you want? Umm, there will be a... betrayal in the next book? xD And, um, a death? Nowait, three deaths. Or more? Can't be sure. I bet you're pretty spoilerified (lurve that non-word :D) now! :K

    && you ignored my question. I guess that answes it -.-

  4. good point.

    A betrayal, huh.
    well I already sort of cheated and went to the houseofnight page.
    I didn't exactly read the spoileriest bits or go looking for them in wiki or anything...
    though that actually sounds like a pretty good idea right now.
    But hmm... A betrayal...
    fine, I'll go √ľonder that. And you let me know when you know anything about the next book.

    And the word is going around.
    slowly, but it is.
    I swearrrr!! DD: