Monday, February 28, 2011

Sky High

Uhh... hello.

I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to watch sky high and blog.
Before I start though, I would like to point out that it's all Kairis fault somehow. I can't exactly remember how but seeing as I got the stupid feeling of kgahugiagpdhineedtoseeitnow!!!! yesterday while chatting with her, I'm pretty sure she's the one who said something that made me go all ooh! Skyhighhhh...
Shame on you, Kairi, shame on you.

Ooooohkay I'mma just start off with saying that goddammit I love the beginning where the whole backstory is told in the form of like comics. socool 8D

Will Stronghold: [voiceover] You look at them and see the defenders of the world. All I see is my dad. Wearing tights.

Yeah I don't think I personally would survive that. Also, what is it with superheroes and their tights? Couldn't they just use, oh I don't know... pants? Geesh.

kiujdsigauiojuhaighujfgkjkdjogtiofd LAYLA!
Goddammit, I love her.
Seriously though, she has like the power to control plants and talk to animals or smth. And the manages to actually care aout stuff that are important.
I'm not saying I don't care about the environment, I mean obviously I know that it's a big problem and all but at the same time, I go to the store and I don't think twice about buying something wrapped in plastic or about what I need and don't really need.
I guess it's hard to really take something as a big problem if it's not affecting you. Yet.

Ooooooh, superdramatastic phonecall!
Also it's really amusing to see superheroes flying around, fighting crime, being all bamf all the while discussing their sons first day at school. Domestic superheroes...
More drama and exasperated acting! wooooooooooo.
and we're only 8 minutes 34 seconds in...
Seriously, every school should have one.
Busdriver: psh, freshmen...

As a little sidenote, the lead character Will Stronghold is played by Michael Angarano
Who started his career when he was 12 years old, then when he was 15 played a character who was 12 and then when he was 17 he took this role where his charcter Will is 14.
Maybe when he's 30 he'll finally get to play a 17-year old character...

Anyhow, back to the movie.
Ohlook this is the moment when we finally (little more than 10 minutes in) find out that layla has a major crush on Will.

The students make it to the school, gaze around with mouths wide open, we see the cool students, the cheerleaders (or in this case a cheerleader who can make multiple copies of herself. How selfish, why isn't anyone else on the team?) and of course the bullies.

Is it a suprise to anyone that that stretchy bully dude is one of my favourite characters?
The striped one, in case you haven't seen the movie for some reason.

Ohlook, a hot female character shows up out of nowhere and Will instantly falls in love. MUST BE A BAD CHICK.
Heeeelllloooo, ascended headmaster person.
*ahem* principle Powers...
OHMYGOD there is a system where they sort you into cliques by your powers and you can either end up as a hero or a loser. I mean hero support.
How... original.
Coach Boomer, the stereotypical bully PE teacher.
Coooooool. 8)

I take some sadistic enjoyment in this.
"Alright, we'll pick it up again right after lunch. Starting with... you" *pointing at Will*
The classic situation where you finally have to show the entire class that ohai you're a loser and have no powers. I WONDER WHAT HAPPENS NEXT...
And now... the dark and superduper dramatic apparently-a-bad-guy who has some chicken to pluck with our charming lead character
And the whole reason I watch this movie.
Dark, dramatic, has a tear-inducing backstory involving his supervillain dad... All you have ever wanted in a character. trufax.
Oh and his name is Warren Peace. Obviously.
The villain-y chick flirts, the lead makes a fool of himself because obviously when talking to a girl it's hard to actually focus on anything and shit. Happens to me /alllll/ the time.
uhh Layla is jealous, Will is oblivious... The usual.
Oh and Warren nearly crashes into Will and looks super intimidating in the process. Me likey.
Will gets trashed around and ifnally admits that he has no powers. Blimey.
Crazy old doctor person with X-ray vision... Sort of scary actually.
Wills parents finally introduce him to the supersecret lair where they keep all their superhoero stuffs, before Will gets a change to enter his father mentiones that will must never ever bring anyone into the secret sanctum and Will promises not to. So obviously we all now know that the villan-y chick ends up in there, making out with Will at some point.
And the robot eye that Mr.daddysuperhero won in the battle at the very beginning of the episode, inexplicably starts itself up, unnoticed. Colour me shocked and suprised.
Will climbs onto the roof and layla grows a tree to get herself up there aswell. AWESOME, Y/Y?

ohyeah, the weirdo teacher.
"The All-American Boy!! Ofcourse nowadays, I just go by Mr. Boy."

OOHOOOHOOH, the awesome chemistry teacher, Mr. Medulla.

Every school should have one. Srsly.
oooh look Will accindentally dropped his food tray in close proximity of the ebil arch nemesis dude, who for some reason completely exploded and decided to start throwing fireballs at Will, who suddenly finds out that WOW he can both fly like his mommy and be superduper strong like his daddy.

I have this thing with fire where I fear it like... well fire and yet think it's the awesomest thing ever.
Actually that's probably not the uncommon. You know, fear and honour the shit you don't understand and so on. Besides it's hot. Fire I mean.
CG sucks but the awesome remains.
And the awesome is defeated by a fire extinguisher. Goddammit.
That principle woman is wearing shoes that are atleast twice her body lenght. Wow.
Am I the only one finding that weird?
[Will and Warren are in the Detention Room for fighting.]
Will: Look, whatever happened with our dads, it has nothing to do with us. [extends a hand for shaking] What do you say?
Warren: I say, if you ever cross me again, I'll roast you alive.

The hero gets transfered into the his respectful class now that his worth something to the school and gets all angsty over it. Goddammit boy, have a sense of adventure or something.
And the mad teacher pairs Will with his villain-y crush chick. Again, what a suprise.
Well someone has fun PE classes. Villains vs heroes, the heroes have to save a dummy suspended over some lovely blades before the dunny reaches them. Of course Will gets paired off with Warren.
Awesomeneww ensues and, as everyone but the blind and mute lady at the back has already guessed, they win. "No freshman has ever won save the citizen before!" which ofcourse isn't an obsticle for our man Will. Obviously.
I also love the remark that two teachers make on the sideline at the beginning of the scene: "Remember when we used real citizens? oh hehe, yeah, yeah..."
Oh and in the process he also saves Warren.
Evil chick shows up at Wills place, making his head spin around and forget everything about the date with Layla who amizingly enough runs into Warren who in his off time is a waiter at a chinese restaurant. He then turns out to be a great person and a psychologist. And he speaks chinese. Suprised, yes?
meh. boringboringboring.
skipping ahead to the interessting parts now.
Ohlook, whaddayaknow, Will ends up snogging the evil chick in the supersecret lair that noone except the Stronghold family are supposed to enter. Ever.
And then the chick proceeds to steal sume superawesome weapon.
And of course nobody notices.
Will sees evil chicks real colours and shit, dumps her, teenage drama ensues..
The waitress/firedude/psychologist Warren then goes on to fix everyones love life by being awesome. And just not giving a fuck.
Oh and he has a ponytail.
And now suddenly, out of nowhere, Will realizez that the weird chick in his parents' yearbook is NO OTHER THAN HIS BELOVED VILLAINCHICK and on one of the pictures she's actually holding the superweapon she later stole.
I mean it's not like his parent's haven't had that yearbook and that weapon for ages now . . .
Cut to the homecoming dance where Sweet and lovely Gwen suddenly turns into the Royal Pain. Literally.
Gwen: That's right. Royal Pain wasn't my mother. Royal Pain is ME!
Will: Oh my God, I made out with an old lady.

The she zaps everyone with her gun thingy, turning heroes into babies, then comes will who then saves the night, everyone gets turned back and woohoo, the movie is finally over.
And no, I can't be bothered to watch the end to bring to you more stills. I also have a distinct feeling that you are happier about that than you should be.
Anyway that concludes that weirdly awesome movie and if you never want me to do this movieblogging thing again let me know and I'll happily oblige.
All in all this post became more of a Steven Strait appreciation post, judging by the pictures but you better get used to it. I have decided to do an "Why you should watch The Covenant, like right now." and seeing as he's the lead... Well many pictures to come.

P.S: slow computers... Sowwy? :3
Will: [voiceover] So in the end, my girlfriend became my arch-enemy, my arch-enemy became my best friend, and my best friend became my girlfriend. But, hey — that's high school.

Umm.. Quotes from Wikiquote, Pictures from google picture search and the movie plus some clips from youtube because I'm a lazy git.


  1. Lololololol xD
    First things first - since I had never even /heard/ of this movie until you mentioned it totally randomly the other day, it's hardly fair of you to blame me, but whatthehey, can't say I'm bothered xD

    Next, I'mma watch this. Srsly. It's been too long since I last watched some mindless teen-action-fun thingy. Mindless is good. I need more mindless.

    Then, the main character dude? The actor? He was in The Lost Kingdom! With Jackie Chan and Jet Li!!! Now that thing was full of win :D Thus the dude gets bonus points even before the movie starts.

    Also, the mr Boomer or whatshisname? He was in Jack of All Trades and that thing..!! Beyond awesome, superb childhood memories with that show. Uberfunny. I'm not too fond of Kurt Russell, though (see SG1: the movie) u_u

    And finally, why exactly did you refer to the villainy-pony-tail-guy as the waitRESS? Waiter too easy a word for ya? :K

  2. you said something and since it was you who said it must by default be your fault. Somehow.

    Oh please do XD It's really amusing in its sort of hyper-dramaticness :D

    Lost Kingdom? Mmkay.
    Jackie Chan was that dude with the fight, right?
    Jet Li?
    Jack of all trades? I haven't heard of that either but apparently bambs has seen it and is now insisting that I watch it AT ALL COSTS. hmm.
    Kurt Russell is a great actor. SG the movie never happened.

    Also he has a ponytail. Therefore: waitress XD

  3. Suuuuuure :K

    I will. Like, in a few days when I have the time :D

    Lost Kingdom, yes! It's fantasy + kung fu, a can't lose combination. Jackie Chan is epic kung fu and Jet Li is even more epic kung fu. So, you know, it /has/ to be good u_u

    Jack of All Trades is.. is... is... I don't have the words for it! Just, you know, put it in The List. You MUST watch it.

    Movie - happened. Kurt Russell - ruined it. Too bad, so sad.

    Also, psh xD

  4. Jack of all trades...

    11 episodes later I'm going to bed having learned absolutely no history whatsoever.

  5. Lololololol. Of course you've learned history. You learned Napoleon was short u_u

    And tell me, just TRY to tell me that the show isn't made of pure win :D