Saturday, October 1, 2011


So let's just start off with this. Please collectively turn your gaze to the sidebar. Underneath the clock you will see a poll. Choose the sidebar gadgets that are actually useful and relevant. I want to know which ones I should delete.
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Soyeah. School started. the whole going to gymnasium adventure or whatever started with jukulaager. I'm going through the pictures and wow i seem to have managed to elude the photographer the entire time or something. if you are interested in seeing what we were made to do then
most of the pictures seem to be about the 12th graders.
they are the clean ones, we are the ones with lipstick all over our face but you probably already figured that out for yourself.

Wow, i have been spotted in the background of two pictures. Wow.

The bowl of flour we had to faceplant into.
I would love to post more pictures here but you are just going to have to go to the aforementioned site and check them out for yourself because my computer continues to be slow as duck.

okay so I survived that. barely. And then the real schooltime started.
the first week was superawkward like you might imagine. nobody really knew anybody and representatives from the A class came to tell us repeatedly that we are horribly boring.
we were, at the time, truth be told. but anyway. first week was pretty much uneventful. it was immediately followed by second week that has been dubbed jukunädal. The theme, carefully thought out by ourery creative 12th graders was 'homeless people'. Stupidest theme ever if you ask me.

//For the love of god, I gave up on my useless desktop because it wouldn't unfreeze and now I find out that on my laptop, blogger refuses to upload the pictures. Fuck a duck.//

I am quite aware, that I don't exactly look homeless but whatever.

10b homeless people

~Photo quortesy by Liisi or Kristjan or someone @fotki 
Soyeah. The whole jukude thing came to an end with the jukupidu, pictures of which are also at
During the Week of Homelessness we already got a taste of what it means to be in the B class, seeing as we were already wheeled out to the Koigi raba by our biology teacher. Wading through a swamp is awesome. J/s. Pictures of that particular event are uploaded in fotki, link to which is two paragraphs up and will probably show up in the sidebar as well.

I do believe this concludes this post and that I have talked about everything that has happened in the past 4 weeks. Well maybe not everything, but about everything that matters anyway. 
Hope it was satisfactory. 


An original idea. That can't be too hard. The library must be full of them.
~Stephen Fry, "The Liar" (1991)


  1. /is proud to announce I didn't even /start/ reading before doing it B)

    Anyhoo, GREEN! Did I mention it's green yet? I love green! Not that I didn't like the previous layout, but, it's GREEN! Almost as awesome as yellow. Or orange. Khm.

    As for the rest, I do believe you /didn't/ talk about everything that matters. I spotted a sentence or two about your class being horribly boring at one point, but nothing on how it's behaving itself now. Care to make an excuse? u_u

  2. Woo! Go you :D

    XD I thought so too. At first I was just going to go with another dark-and-a-bit-of-colour sort of backgrounds but then I thought, what they hey, might as well take the whole "I'm in a bio-chem oriented class" and run with it.

    XD Ooh, well that can be summed up with a sentence:
    Loud, horribly amusing, great big happy family.
    that should do it :D
    but then again, we are only 4 weeks in, the problems are yet to arise.