Sunday, February 20, 2011

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In Estonia, there are:
  • 2 000 000 cars (mostly '81 Toyota Corollas, '79 Datsuns and '71 Ladas.),
  • 1 500 000 cell phones,
  • 1 000 000 PCs (usually with quad-processor systems based on 80386 or 80486 CPU-s) and 9 Macs,
  • 500 999 freezers,
  • 200 000 animals (cats, dogs and sheep),
  • 350 banks or credit institutions,
  • 15 state organizations, and
  • about 3 and a half public schools

...connected to the Internet.

...That's why in 1940 Estonia conquered Soviet Union and occupied in until for fifty years.

...The king of Estonia is Edgar Savisaar (a.k.a Savipäts, ninasarvik, Savi, Rico Suave, Sarvik...

As of October, 2005, Savisaar was officially appointed the national hero of Estonia under the name of Kohuke The Great.

The vice president of Estonia is Homer Simpson, well known for his ambitions to bring about world peace.

Great estonian ideas:

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  1. Old news. Ooooollllllddd news. Still hilarious, though xD

  2. How come I find everything when it's already wayyyyy past expiration date for everyone else?
    It's like a cuuursseeee

  3. Lolol, you're just slooooowwwww :K

    Prime minister Undress Unzip! That pervy man xD