Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My blog visits

So after like a year I finally discovered that my blog has some stats too and I found some pretty interesting things. Like the keywords people have searched for in google to find my blog.

Obviosuly there's a bunch of keywords that were probably used to search specifically for me, like kellytalv, kelly talv, kellytalv blog and kellytalv every thing
The kellytalv.hots sort of disturbs me.
Also how did someone find my blog by typing in estonia I have no idea. Or moskva esmaspäevad sinised for that matter.

Apparently my most viewed post is Movie review-ish thing: Twilight Eclipse. Not too hard to guess how that was found or why. I guess all the people coming here thinking that someone has written a movie review were deeply dissappointed.
that is followed by another random meme of doom. And then *clingz* Again, no idea why or how it was found.

In total my blog has had 3,061 pageviews.
Pageview breakdown by countries is as follows:
Thanks to everyone who has actually taken the time to read at least something from this lil blog of mine and don't be afraid to comment? :D

Ooh also, I love this song:


Stephen Fry: [discussing rainbows] In Estonia they believe that if you point at a rainbow, your finger will fall off.
Alan Davies: Oh, for God's sake.
Stephen Fry: I know.
Alan Davies: Estonians aren't stupid people, are they?
Stephen Fry: They're not.
Sean Lock: [holding up his fists] They're very stumpy, though.
~QI series B, episode 01


  1. You know what I love? The way pretty much all your posts have a bunch of comments... from me. It's so fun re-reading those after a while, as I discovered from those three links here :D

  2. well you are the only one who ever comments on my videos so.. :D
    for which, I'm by the way very thankful for.
    just so you don't get the idea that you may stop or smth. Nu-uh.

  3. Haha, rest assured, I have no immediate plans of stopping :D
    I wonder, though. You obviously have much more readers. Why don't any of them comment?

  4. I think that a big portion of those people are just passing by. Found my blog, read one or two posts, deemed it boring and went on their way. Or maybe read a bit more but never bothered to comment. Also it might be a bit intimidating that only the two of us keep talking dow here so... u_u

  5. Mkay, the random people, sure. But friend-wise? If I were your friend, I'd comment u_u (An awfully logical statement, to be sure, but let's ignore that fact xD)

  6. basically like most people I know are for some reason deathly afraid of internet chatrooms and any place where you have to talk to other people. Come to think of it, I was too.
    It's a miracle I posted anything on the EESTI board at all when Aili introduced it to me. It was like an internal fight of I should write this. Post? no, maybe... I'll just go with... no but... GAH maybe I should just go...

  7. This coming from a seasoned KILLer like you? -.^
    I'm most glad that the "post!" part of you won, though. Imagine if it hadn't. Where would we be right now? Who would comment on your blog? Who would watch SG with me? Phew, horrid thoughts.

  8. seasoned killer? hardly XD

    Well let's see. You would probably be on neopets or some other social media online thing place and I would be... right here most likely? Just a bit more lonely.
    On my blog would probably comment like Kati or someoneafter I've bullied her into doing it for me
    You would watch stargate alone or possibly with Nikita, who in an alternate timeline could have easily assumed my spot on the boards.
    And we wouldn't miss this world because we would knownothing of it.
    I do like this reality more though.

  9. Why not? xD

    Hmmmmm. I can't comment on your part of the alternate reality, but I most certainly would not be watching SG without you. Fact. Nikita would rather... I dunno, stick forks in her eyes? And watching it alone wouldn't be half the fun so I wouldn't bother. Ergooooo... you're indispensable u_u

  10. I didn't last long enough in KILL t be considered "seasoned" whatever that means (in this context probably just that when they finally fry me, I'll taste even better)

    and d'awwww <3
    how cute :D
    But seriosly, if I by chance wouldn't have existed, then this wouldn't even be a question.

  11. Ohwell, okay then. (And yes, that's exactly what it meant.)

    For the "d'awwww" - yes, success!
    For the "how cute" - yes, success!
    For the rest - oh do hush up and grow an ego u_u

  12. Oh okay, in that case, yes I'm well-seasoned :D

    Grow an ego? :D And how exactly would I go about that process?
    Go to the Egos'r'us, but a pack of ego-seeds, plant them in a well egoistical soil and then wait? :D
    FYI I already have a dozen in the corner of the room, they are a bit small-ish though.
    Maybe it's the sunlight or rather lack thereof.