Sunday, July 25, 2010

Books, books, books. I NEED MORE BOOKS!

So what is the one thing I've been doing those past two weeks?
Reeeeaaaadddd. I've read and read and read.
It's such a nice thing to sit outside on the porch, reading some great book.
Anyway, when we were in Kuressaare Kaja bought three books from the department store. (Yes we do have a bookstore... I mean book corner... I mean shelf.)

Hercule Poirot: Meisterlikud m├Árvad

In this book are 2 longer stories and 3 or 4 shorter stories, all incredibly compelling and with very unexpected solutions. It didn't take me too long to read even tough there are almost 600 pages. The whole thing is just so interesting that you have to finish it before putting it down.
Must read if you are into crime investigation and such. Sometimes action isn't needed.

A song of Ice and Fire: A game of Thrones 1
& A Clash of the Kings 2

As you see, it makes sense that those are the books 1 and 2 of the series, but what we found out later, was that they are actually 1 and 4. Ohwell.
I tried reading it, It seems really intetresting, but a bit too heavy for summer. It was pretty dark and dramatic. Kaja read both of them, though I must ashamedly tell you that I didn't get past chapter 1.
Of course if you are looking for hours of reading and a very deep, interesting, dramatic story then definitely read this.
The only thing Kaja told me was annoying about that book was the fact that it has so many characters it's a bit tough to keep up with who's whose niece and whose sister and whose dog and so on.
There are 8? books in the series, 4 are translated (game of thrones 1&2; clash of the kings 1&2.)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
When we went to Tartu Bambs bought Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and I bought the Titan's Curse. Those are books 1 and 3 in the series. Before I came to Finland I lent book 1 from Bambs and I hoped to find book to (The Sea of Monsters) from a bookstore here, but I never did find it in english and quite frankly I doubt that buying that in finnish would be any good.
The Lightning Thief is beyond my expectations. If you have seen the movie then know, that the book is about a billion times better (in my humble opinion)
Some knowledge in greek gods and stuff would be nice, but not neccessary.
The book is funny, there is lots of action and the whole thing will keep you guessing till the very last pages. Everything you would expect from a good book.

And the most recent books I bought are these:

I have the first two. I just wish I had bought the third aswell.
All three are 300+ pages, so they keep you occupied for quite a while and since I haven't actually finished either yet (halfwah through first) then I'mma just copy the summary wiki gives us of Wicked lovely

Wicked Lovely is the first novel in a series about a world where faeries and mortals intermingle. The story introduces Aislinn, a teen who can see the faeries around her, but who has been taught all her life to pretend not to see them. She is struggling to cope with the faeries when Keenan, the faery Summer King, enters her life and takes away her mortality, asking her to become the Summer Queen and defeat his mother, the Winter Queen. If she refuses, Winter will take over and kill all the summer faeries and mortals alike. However, Aislinn has no desire to become part of the faerie world, and is already in love with her best friend, Seth. In the end, she cannot avoid becoming the Summer Queen, and reigns alongside Keenan over the creatures she once feared. Upon defeating the Winter Queen, Aislinn brings peace to the world of fey. She also sticks with her best friend and new lover, Seth.

So basically there is romance, there is the dark, interesting side... So far I've loved that book, I hope that the ending is as interesting as the first half has been.

And I think that's about it. yeah, probably.

Well, doodles!


Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.

~Charles W. Eliot in The Happy Life (1896)


  1. Oh I wish the Song of Ice and Fire consisted of only 4 books (well, you know, not considering the separating bits). 4 have been published, but there are 3 more planned. And they're all so frickin' annoyingly thick and dark and serious and complicated and annoying. I read the first one (both volumes) and it was some pretty serious fantasy - which I enjoyed - but it's the killing that drove me off the series. It's just uncool when the nicest characters get killed off and off and off again. Too much killing. Far too much of that. I have 2x1, too, but I never read that. It takes far too much commitment to go through the whole series.

    In general the first book was pretty brilliant, though, so if you don't mind the dark atmosphere, read ahead ;)

  2. Like I said, I didn't really like it all that much. I prefer the wicked lovely I'm reading at the moment, besides They will force me back home in 5 days and there is no way I can get that book through in that time (I probably could but I'm way too busy angsting over the fact that I need to go back.)