Monday, July 26, 2010


Just to make it perfectly clear to everyone: I love it here. I love it, I love it, I love it and I reallyreallyreally don't want to go back, kay?
No, I don't miss home and why should I? I hate it there, mkay?
The only thing that I miss are friends, Bambs, my computer and Ella.
That's it.
Geddit, dad? I know you won't read my blog because you don't even know it exist and even if you did know you wouldn't understand it but I just need to rant somewhere right now.
I sosososo don't want to go back. It's so nice and clean in here, I'd never have to worry about sub-zero temperatures inside the house during winter, no need to worry about creepy-crawlies all around me and I just KNOW that my room will be filled with Forficulas (I think that's the right name for them in english) just like every fucking year, and yes it has turned into a phobia already. I hate those things, they disgust me, the are everywhere in late summer / early autumn.
Gah, I don't want to go back.
And yes, I'm totally freaking out about the fact that in 5 days I have to go back.


Abby: Jethro is fine. I'm taking up a collection for flowers.
McGee: Why would I give flowers to a dog who attacked me?
Abby: Maybe because dog is man's best friend. Or maybe because I am a forensic scientist and I can boil you from the inside out and never leave a trace.
[McGee quickly puts money in the container]

~NCIS season 5, episode 13 "Dog tags"


  1. Aw yous. There's no place like home, remember? x)

  2. Well then I'mma name this place home and just call the other place the place-that-must-not-be-named

    andandand I GOTS AN AUSTRIAN FLAG!!

  3. There's no place like home. Estonia is home. No better place u_u

    Psh, enjoy the flag xD

    Meanwhile, guess what I gots? You're not the only one who's bought a dress recently. Woot! I so wanted a little sundress whatwith all this weather :D

  4. Psh.

    I will ^-^

    And Pictures? Wher ar ze picthures?

    a KENYAN flag.

    HA. HA. HA.

  6. Pictures do not exist, obviously u_u

    I hope you and that Kenyan flag will have a long and happy life together :D


    And I hope so too ^-^

  8. Becaaaause. I don't normally photograph myself xD Besides, my blog has no photos anyway, only drawings u_u

  9. neither do I but for your benefit I do it anyway.
    and well that can change, can't it?

  10. Lol, decent point. I'll take it into consideration, mkay? xD