Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shopping! Planes! Fiskars!

Soooo... I was supposed to make a blog post yesterday but, again, I was so tired that I just sorta went *poof* and fell asleep. My bad.
First of all.

Our very own chatgroup had a 1-year birthday a couple of days ago so...

Now up until yesterday nothing much happened. We read, we watched TV and we whined about the 34 degree heat outside. Cept yesterday we went to this adorable little Fiskars village.

Absolutely beautiful red brick houses, tiny country roads and well lots of souvenires. It was fun. I gots meself a cute glass fishy and Kaja got a pair of iron candle holders.

As you might have figured out already, in that village was the original Fiskars knife factory and stuffs. Now it's a major tourist attraction.

As a proof that I actually did go there and didn't just save those pictures from some random persons album...
It was really hot outside and Kajas partner, who had previously went there aswell told us that there were lots of walking in the sun, so it was only fitting that both Kaja and I wore pretty much all black. I mean it makes sense, no?
This, believe it or not, was a phone booth. Make what you will of that.

That pretty much concludes yesterday. Kaja and I took a walk later on and watched the trins go by and stuffs. Was fun.
But anyway. On to todayyy.
Today we went shopping to a big Store called Jumbo.
I gots meself this awesomesauce dress that I loved from the moment I tried it on.
At first when I saw it I didn't think much of it but thankfully my sisters persuaded me to try it on. DAYUM it's an awesome dress.
Ignore the awkwardness and Katjas ear. I LOVE THAT DRESS.
Anyway. After we went to the store where we bought the dress, we went to H&M. When I walked through the security gates, the alarm went off. I didn't think much of it as there was a bunch of other people walking through the gates at the same time so I figured it was because of them.
So we looked through the store, found nothing of interest and walked out again. As I walked through, the alarm went off again. This time it was only us three (Kaida was with us, too) so it was quite obvious that it was me who triggered the alarm. So I walked into the store and back again to check.
So basically I triggered the dang alarm 4 times and no-one even blinked. I must say that even thoug it's a big store, the security there is pretttttty loose.
Anyway we went back to the previous store (the security gates to that store didn't even blink, so to speak) and they found some security thingy was forgotten and well, after showing the receit we got some gift certificate as a refund for our... troubles.
In the next store, Kaja triggered the bloody alarm. That time it was probably just like the keys or the mobile or something because she hadn't bought anything yet.
After that, it became quite uneventful.

Also, I went to the bookstore in there aswell but it didn't have the book I was looking for, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.
Dannng I want that book.

Aaaaanyway, today there's Lord of the Rings on TV so we are going to watch that soon.
That's it for now.
Hopefully something interesting will happen soon so that I can make another blog post. I must say that compared to last month I have made wayyy too few blog posts.
Soyeah. Bye.


P.S: More pictures here.
I wonder how could he have been able to invent all this stuff. It feels more like Tolkien discovered some sort of long-lost scrolls.
~Peter Jackson Morning Edition, National Public Radio, 17 December 2001

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