Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movie review-ish thingy. Twilight: Eclipse

Kay, so me, Kaja and Kaida went to the cinema today. AND IT. WAS. EPIC!!!!

The cinema, not the movie.

So let me tell you bout the movie. First of all, the beginning? Hilarious. I was so sure I'm going to burst out laughing and they are going to kick me out but thankfully I didn't. But cometh the ending, cometh the boredom. About halfway through I was ready to walk out because I was booooreeed.

Anyway since there was pretty uch no plot in the movie I might as well tell you my vision of the characters.

Also, apparently I'm not taking over Kajas laptop for the difficult job that is blogging, because it only has Internet Explorer and even that's in /Finnish/ I mean geesh...
So I'm going to have to use this pink excuse for a laptop. At least it has firefox and itäs in estonian.

Anywho, here goes...

Isabella Swan

She is, in short, a suicidal teenager who also indulges in necrophilia and zoophilia. If that doesn't sound like a lead character for some horror movie, I don't know who will...
Also, has masochistic tendencies.

Edward Cullen

A creepy stalker and an abusing boyfriend. Obsessed with Bella. Should probably be put in a straightjacket and locked away in a room with soft walls. Also suicidal even though he's dead. Complete lunatic. Also, he sparkles in the sun. Probably as a result of too much time playing with the glitter. I'm not even going to go into the fact that he's a pedophile.

Jacob Black.

Another weirdo, obsessed with Bella. Again, suicidal. It's becoming a pattern, don't you think?
Belongs to some kind of pack of lychanthropes. And, apparently, is made of rubber. You'll know what I mean when you hear what sound it makes when Bella hits Jacob in the face. Rubber.

Carlisle Cullen

The sadistic doctor, who likes to re-break peoples bones with no anesthetic. Scary stuff.

Alice Cullen

The Luna Lovegood-ish girl, who believes herself to be the Oracle and tends to black out at random times.

Jasper Hale

Believes hiself to have fought in the Civil War. Obsessed with Alice. Believes himself to be able to control other peoples emotions.

Rosalie Hale

One of the more normal people from the mental hospital that is Forks. Not as retarded as the others, but still enough to be there in the first place.

Esme Cullen? Not important enough to be shown more than once.

I could go on, but I think I have offended enough people for one time. Might as well quit while I'm ahead.

Anyway, the movie was probably awesome for all Twilight fans, lots of pretty scenes and of course, the reason they are as popular as they are, lots of kissy scenes.
And some actionscene wannabe.

Ohwell. On with stuff about me.
me, me, ME

Some odd posts ago, I told you that I haven't got any good pictures of Katja because she's always running around and stuff. Well in here, I have a perfect scenery for the perfect model. So here it is. FIRST TIME IN PORTRAIT, KATJAA!!! *applause*

I absolutely ADORE this picture. Click to enlarge, obviously. And my gosh she's pretty. Everything from her Yellow-golden eyes (If anyone dares to even think about Twilight, I'mma let her eat you.) to her awesome fur just screames beautiful dog. *sigh*

Now, at some point Pat asked me where was I on all the pictures. You want to see me?
meh, I guess I'll have to show you then.

Me, in all my glory. Taken on the Sõrve Säär, where we went a day before coming to Finland. Lots of pretty pictures from there are here.

What else should I talk about?

Ooh, right. One thing that I love taking pictures of?
Sleeping Lucky. He's always so completely cute I just can't pass the opportunity.

Talk about squee. This was taken on the ship to Helsingi.

Mosquito apartment at Kajas flowerbed. I'll refrain from commenting.

Soyeah. That's about it for today. Just check out the album here and as if you want to know anything else, kay?


"Ei elämästä selviä hengissä."
~Finnish proverb


  1. Lol, why even "review" Dumblight? We all know well enough what a piece of crap (filled with masochistic necrophiles and sparkles, yes) it is. Having said that, I intend to hit the movies with a bunch of good friends soon, too. Major laughs to be had :D

    Just saying - if you hadn't mentioned a certain thing along with Katja's eye colour, I would've never even thought of Dumblight. So now it's your fault I associate her with Edweird :K

    And yeah, I can hand at least that to Dachshunds: they sure know how to sleep u_u

  2. meh. I manage not to associate her with anyone. She's just gorgeous.

    xD That they do.

    Oooooh, I must warn you though. There is this scene where Jake and Edward ate in the tent talking and it's all dark and stuff. and the next scene right after that is basically all white so... Like black-black-black-white I'm BLIND, I'm BLIND!

  3. ZOMG U JST RUIND IT 4 MEHHHH!!! Liek, spoilrz much? -.-
    I would've never known they were in a tent at one point, let alone talking, and now it can never come as a surprise because you ruuuiiiinnneeeeddd it! I don't know how you sleep at night u_u

    As revenge, have this: :K

  4. yesh. I'm a horrible person XD

    ahh but you see I'm in the ever-awesome pink mini which protects me from such revenges by not having adobe flash player which is a crucial little thing for watching youtube videos n_n

  5. *glares the pink mini*

    Well, you'll just have to watch it when you happen to be around a real computer then. It's worth the watch, I promise :D

  6. Well I'll keep that in mind xD