Sunday, July 4, 2010


So the week has passed and exept for one small blog update I haven't written anything.
well I'mma tell you a bit more about that week now.
This morning, as the dogs around me were barking and people laughing and yelling and all, I started thinking and I came to realize a couple of things.

1. June is over. OVER, people!
That means that in 2 short months we'll be going back to school. 1/3 of our vacation is GONE.
Just thought I should point that out.

2. Before Kaida came, I went to bed at 3-5 am and woke up around 2pm to the sun shining through my curtains. When they came, I had to move downstairs onto the couch with Kaida, which means that I now go to be by 11pm and wake up around 6-8 am to dogs running over me, under me, near me, above me and so on.

3. The couch is much less comfy than my bed.

4. Katja is HUGE. Like half my weight and on two paws she's probably as tall as me. On all fours she's up to my waist at least.

5. You haven't seen NOTHING until you've seen a tiny daschund humping a giant wolfdog.
Humping. As in I-might-be-3-months-old-and-weigh-4-kg-but-I-want-your-babies. They say it's some domination game but seriously that is just so wrong on so many levels.
And seriously, Katja is about 10 times bigger and 7 times heavier.

6. Ella can climb on pretttty tiny branches if she wants. Katja just wants to play with her but well you'd be scared too if a giant furry barking thing came flying towards you. I'm talking about Katja, not Lucky.

7. Ella likes Lucky. Well well enough not to claw his nose open.

8. Lucky likes to chase after Ella and when he catches her he tries to pull off her ears.

9. Lucky and Katja are scary when they play. Luckys head is constantly in Katjas mouth and she is growling and they are jumping around and it sounds and looks like he is about to be Katjas dinner. Of course they don't really hurt each other, it's just a game, but still. Just looks like one of them is really angry.

10. Lucky likes to grab a mouthful of Katjas hair around her stomach or tail because that's the only place he can reach, and then hang on. Katja is not pleased.

11. Max likes Katja. He keeps trying to chase her cept he's so old that while Katja doesa circle around the house, Max is still taking off. It's sorta sad.

12. I'm not very fond of big dogs. I prefer cats and small dogs. Dogs I know I can contain if I'm threatened. If Katja feels like eating me for breakfast, I'm a goner.
Mom thinks that now I can't go to Finland to be with Kaja for a couple of weeks.
Jeebus, woman, I've lived with Max for 15 years. I think I can manage... =_=

13. My '*½ button next to the Enter button is pretty broken. Just sayin'.

14. I hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatexinfinity mosquitoes.
It is so hot in here that we have to keep a window open when we sleep and therefore when I wake up I always have a ton of new bites. And the sound of them flying around my face is maddening.

14. The water is really warm. I wanna go to the beach and swim but I can't. meh.

15. The corner of my mouth has been broken for a week and it's not even thinking about getting better. I can't even yawn anymore.

16. Strawberries are delicious. The summer weather and heat has payed off and now I can officially go to the yard and pick some fresh strawberries whenever I want. Yummalicious.

17. I havent been on the computer for more than half an hours in a week.

18. The new passport is red which I hate and my picture on the ID card has the outlines of estonia or smth and it makes me look like I have a unibrow. completely horrible.

And that's when Katja decided that she would stick her cold nose into my back and kick my head with her tail and then I decided that I give up and get out of bed. It was 7am.

pictures? Duh.

Pretty view from Panga Pank. And look, Kairi! We are all alive. Kelly didn't jump and all the Finns are still here and alive aswell. Ignore that the horizon is tilting dangerously to the right.

We did have the option to climb down. For some reason nobody took it.

Lucky didn't really think that Ella needs all that fur. She has a lot so she might aswell share, no?

Kaida and I were bored. Done in one day, 500 pieces and took about 4 hours?

Again, bored. 600 pieces, two days and lotsa hours. One piece was missing aswell. Mneh.

Sorry, didn't have a better picture, They wre jumping around so much that I couldn't get a decent picture to save my life. Besides I was afraid she was going to go all blood-hungry when I took too many pictures using the flash.

But you might get a better picture by watching this:

Ignore the background noise kthx.



  1. Lolol. I'm glad you're having fun :D
    And goooooood, stay away from the computer! Much healthier.

    As for one third of the summer being gone already... well, it was a /good/ third ;)

  2. I am too 8D

    & Yuh it is. also the fact that we have two dogs here now means that we have to go walking three times a day.
    Nevermind the fact that I've eaten so much candy that I have gained like 10kg or something x_x

    & It was, it was, it really was 8D

  3. Yay xD

    How can you /gain/ weight if you have to walk the dogs three times a day in such weather? :D The heat has taken away my appetite completely and since I started jogging, too, I've /lost/ like 5 kg. Is nice B)

  4. They brought with then TWO giant Milka chocolates and TWO 1kg Toblerone bars. that's like 3,5kg of pure chocolate
    add to that the fact that we eat stuff like cakes and icecream every day....
    yeeeeah the walks don't really make up for all that.