Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hahaaa! I gots TWO new flaggies onto my flaggiecounter. German and Belgian.
Dang I'm awesome.

Anyway. Yesterday Kaja&Ken took me to this reeeaaallly fancy restaurant/Golf/mansion/hotel thingy for a lunch. I WANNA LIVE THERE, kthx.

It was GORGEUS. The inside was even prettier than the outside. But this isnt where we ate. The mansion part is apparently a hotel during summer and then only the hotel guests eat there so we had to go across the street to the golf club.
Dear Lord, it was awesome. The food was good too.
I mean the restaurant had a view to the golf courses and if you have ever seen a golf course, you know it's amazing.
We have one in Kuressaare too, if you are pondering.

So all in all the place was amazing. If you want to see the rest of the pictures, you should already know where to look, but I'mma help you out.
Clicky here.

In other news, Bambi brought my attention to the fact that I still hadn't watched that trailer for vampires suck movie and so I watched it.
*insert hysterical laughter here*

And guess what? It has already leaked to the internet. I saw it like an hour ago.
Geesh, it's epic. epic-epic-epic.

The actors are great, there are lots of hilarious moments, and it pretty much sums up the first two Twilight movies. Also the ending is hilarious.
So as soon as you can - watch it, it's worth it.


One thing vampire children are taught is, never run with a wooden stake.
~Jack Handey


  1. Khm. Khm-khm-khm. What link did I give you a while back, uh? What link? WHAT LINK WAS IT THAT YOU SAID YOU COULDN'T WATCH BECAUSE OF THE PINK MINIBEAST?!?!?!

    Yes. It was the trailer -.-

  2. yeah, that's how Bambs found it and then she told me that she watched it and I was like huh and she was like oh and I was like *watch* and it was like awesome, so all in all you are the hero in this story ^-^

    and no, I didn't just accidentally write hore instead of hero. where did you get that crazy idea? o_o'

  3. Well, you get to be half-hero. I didn't know it had leaked. But of course I went and watched it right after reading this. Soyes. You get /some/ glory u_u

    And /of course/ you wouldn't call me that xD

  4. does that make me a demigod now?:O

    &&sooo? did you love it? y/y??

    and I didn't ^-^

  5. Only if I get to be a god (and no, I didn't just write "dog" instead of "god" xDDD).

    Hmm, it's a tough call, but I think I'll go with yes. Pretty freakin' hilarious sums it up quite well :D

  6. Why do you get to be a god while I'm just a demigod? .-.-

    well anyway, pretty frekin hilarious sums it up juuuuuuuuust perfectly n_n

  7. Simple matter of hero vs half-hero ^^