Monday, June 14, 2010

Art... sort of XD

Okay so Kairi, I remember you wanted me to upload pictures of stuff I have drawn
Well you got it. Art a la Kelly.
Fresh (sort of) from the art class xD
Don't tell you I didn't warn you though. u_u

Yeeeah... Sügismaru B) I think it's perfectly fitting to the topic, well drawn and colourful.
the teacher didn't think so XD
And if Bambi happens to read this I have one word for you: Taanlane. I just saw the rain thing and thought of that.


This. Is. Freakin. Hilarious. Everything from the face to the flipping knees is completely hilarious. but the bunny is cute n_n

I do believe I called this masterpiece the Kõõrdsilmne tüdruk
or something like that. Her eyesight wasn't supposed to be crooked, but ohwells x))))

Also when it comes to me, you can't not talk about maths class masterpieces. It's when I'm at my best.
Bambi&Batons productions has over the year come up with these masterpieces:

The Strawberry Republic Extraordinaire.

Of course there has to be the Stargate command inside a mountain. Mountain = SGC. It's a known fact.
Where there's some big ailien hunting faciliti like the stargate command, there has to be evil guys. In fact we have a whole factory of evil.
don't you forget that u_u

A flying pink fish. Nuff said. A flying pink shark to be precise. Or maybe a piranha. One can never be too sure. But since there is a Stargate Command, there obviosuly has to be an Ascended Being somewhere nearby. That glowing squid sorta thing is supposed to be just that. And a plain that's about to crash into the mountain. There was also a flying carpet but it's a bit higher so you can't really see it.
Why this picture is refusing to be upright is beyond me. Anyway you can see the Strawberry King and Queen just aswell. And a bomb. Why is there a bomb next to them? Well how the heck am I supposed to know?

And a Strawberry Bird. With tiny wings and a giant hairy beak! So awesome. Above all that you can see a space gate and a Rocket exiting atmosphere. Yeeeeaaaah.

Also on the picture is a space ship, a giant Strawberry Castle, a tiny Strawberry house and straberry fiel next to it, A strawberry car and an egg with rockets on either side of it.

On to the next picture.

Now this. This was made during that lecture about fish and gas pipes I mentioned a month or so ago in my post KITTY! I think it was that post.
anyway. I was terribly bored soyeah.
It was made with a pencil so the quiality isn't very good and it's pretty hard to notice but yeah. There is a pirate again. a boat and the caption reading Ma purjetan kollasel merel...
Next to it is a character from Hetalia. Belarus if I'm correct.
Courtesy of Bambs.

It's a ghoul ^-^
sort of. And a mill. And the tail of a fish! ♥

Loch Ness monster. again, courtesy of Bambi. Caption reading Nessie♥ The Loch Ness Monster sorta Nessie.
Breaking Dawn completely ruined Nessies Reputation in my humble opinion
Now every time I hear Nessia I immediately think of that abomination described in Stephenie Meyers Book of horrors. The whole birthing scene in Breaking Dawn?
Geesh. Neverending nightmares. And to think that girls worship such a thing? *shudder*

Becuase that is the sorta thing I'm best at when it comes to drawing.
Iunno, I just am.
There is also a candle that is outside the frame so you just have to take my word that it exists.

Also on the picture is a hat, two versions of the bridge between Saaremaa and mainland, my version and Bambis version, a boat and a flower.
And more fish.
And a sun ♥

And last but not least: My sorta art. Made during English because that is the one class during which I can draw and colour random pictures and nobody cares.

Drawing this? Almost therapeutic.
Also if you have looked at the pictures of my Poster Wallpaper, you will see one where I have the lyrics for Youth of the Nation written out and it is decorated with the same Rose vine sorta thing. This one has a locked heart hanging from the end as a bonus.
And well when it comes to art a là Kelly, this is the best I can do. I did warn you that I can't draw.
Anyway. I hope this gave you a laugh.
Well at least made you smile. If I have achieved that, I can go to bed happily.
When it comes to art I prefer to stay at Writing and I'm not all that good in that either. I have been writing a story.
Not a fanfiction this time. Just a story.
But I've hit a brick wall and it's pretty much darker that I'd like to admit so for the time being it'll stay hidden in my livejournal account. For friend eyes only. And I only have Bamb as a friend on LiveJournal so that's that xD
Maybe one day x)

So basically yeah. Nighty night all and just as a side note, if I haven't mentioned this already I will be going to Tartu on 16th and I will be back on 17th so I will be unreachable for the time being.
Thankfully you don't have my phone number.
Which might not be such a good thing if I manage to get lost xD
nighty night all!

Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.
~Salvador Dali


  1. Hmm, I laughed a little at the knees, so your mission is complete :D

    I love the doodles, though! Doodling is, well, it's what you /do/ at school. *reminisces* Anyway, the egg with rockets on boths sides would be my favourite, but... You've got SGC. So clearly that owns u_u

    && I like the quote x)

  2. xD gooood

    of course it does B) No republic can work without a good SGC
    I bet estonia has one too. Right under suur Munamägi.

    & I found it fitting :D

  3. Ooh, you think? So it's theoretically possible that after Jack retired from the main SGC he came here to work under less stressful conditions in the SGC here?! *prepares to camp out at Suur Munamägi*

  4. well yes. we should totally infiltrate SGC Estonia and kidnap jack 8D

  5. Me likey that thought. It's a bummer he's getting so old, though xD