Sunday, June 20, 2010

ZOO!! ♥

yay! Thanks, Kaja :*

Mah sistah Kaida gots herself a doggie
a Dascchushshsuund.Um.. Das-something-hund.
Yeah. That.

OMGOMOMGOMG She's so adorable!
Lucky. Not lucky as in lucky-she-got-a-home
Lucky as in Hey-Lucky-come-here-girl!
I think she's a girl o.o
I'm not sure though.
ehh.. I just asked and apparently he is a boy x)
anyway. I will see him soon enough, when my sisters come home in a couple of weeks.
of course that shall be interesting. We'd have my sisters, their partners, One of my sisters partners kid, two dogs and of course my parents, me and Ella.
confused? me too.
Here's the breakdown:
6 Adults
2 Kids
2 Dogs +My grandparents dog Max
1 Cat
Add some steel bars and a ticket fee and you have a very nice little zoo.
I dont even dare to think what would happen if one of the dogs (or both of them) didn't get along with Ella.
Worse what if they don't get along with each other? D:
Well we'll see. And you will hear via Blog, as always.
Bye for now.


When a dog wags her tail and barks at the same time, how do you know which end to believe?
~Character Tom Dobbs in Man of the Year (2006), screenplay by Barry Levinson


  1. I knew it u_u

    Anyhooo, /fifth/ flag? No fair, I was working so hard to reach your flag count and now you do this -.-

  2. So do I! I gots meself some American friendies (far less than you, of course u_u) and my favourite Canadian and even an awesome Bulgarian, butbutbut... I just can't compete with this u_u

    I'd even drag Patrick there if I could, just for the flag xDD

  3. XDDD why dont you then? XD

    andandand I dunno where they came from?
    I only know that we are from Estonia, Pat is from Philippines, sisters are from finland. rest is a mystery to me XD

  4. I feel sorry for the poor boy xDD

    Pffft, I bet there's a ton of KILLers and a bunch of people you know in rl and.. erm, well, other people. You've been advertising, haven't you? :D

  5. I haven't tbh u_u
    The only people who actually knowknow that its my blog is you, Pat, sisters and some classmates who'se blogs I've started stalking.