Thursday, June 3, 2010


Elo! Vhat iz thiz interezting plaze I've ztumbled upon, hmm? It zure doez look like zome blog zhat hazn't been updated in a vhile. Vell it'z a good zhing I don't ovn a blog then. heh-heh-heh.

Well let's see. Where should I start?
Let's start with the kitchen. Namely the redecoration that my dad did.
Well you see when I went to bed on a quiet friday, some weeks ago the kitchen looked like it always did. Something like this:
This is the best and only picture I could find. Frankly the kitchen is nat a part of the house I like to take pictures of.
Anyway if you imagine yourself to be standing where I was standing when I took the pciture then the table would be left of you and the door to my room would be about two meters behind you. Something like that.
Anyway, when I went to bed that evening the kitchen looked like that. Nothing odd.
When I woke up, it was on it's way to looking like this:

Well it was a lot messier, one of the cupboard was on the other side of the room, there was no table, the chairs were scattered around but you get the picture. In the middle of it all was my dad with a happy smile, exclaiming that "mom is in Tallinn!" My initial reaction was to close the door, wait three seconds and open it again. The picture didn't change. Then I pinched myself.
and indeed, I was awake. Sometimes I truly think that people around me are insane. In fact they probably are.

Next topic: Spring

Though to be quite honest I think we skipped it.
Or well after winter we went straight to summer for a week or so. And then summer stopped and spring came. Now we are back to summer. But my point is that winter ended, so cue the flowers, right? ^-^
I must say, there aren't many things that are prettier than blossoming apple trees, covered in white.

For a gazillion pictures and then some, visit fotoalbum. The folder under which they all are is Kevad/suvi 2010.

Oh and in case anyone happens to be wondering then some of the pictures from there are big enough to work as desktop wallpapers. Not all of then but some. If someone really is interested (I don't see why they would be) then I can also tell you which ones.

Anyway. On to the next topic which just so happens to be mentioned in the post title: Link-dump!

Compiled list of interesting links.

Fotoalbum- Self-explanatory. My username there is still perekonnakas.
Aili's Blog- For Kairi's sake, even though I'm sure you would have spied it out on your own, if you haven't already XD
Save The Words- I took the liberty of taking this from Ailis blog. It really is an awesome page. Basically it's a bunch of words that aren't used anymore. On the page you can 'adopt' the words by promising to use them in everyday conversations as often as you can.
Online English dictionary- A link that I use frequently to check some words meaning, spelling or pronouncation. Just type in the word you are looking for and it gives you the meaning, spelling, similar words, feature through which you can listen to a disembodied voice say that word in either british or american english and some more information. Immensely useful.
Six Billion Secrets- A very sad, sweet, sometimes funny page where people can post their secrets. Every day best ones are put up.
Gives Me Hope- The official introduction is that it's FMyLife for optimists. Basically a page where people can post little stories that have happened to them that give them hope.
Love Gives Me Hope- Same as gives me hope, just love stories. Stories that make you go Awww...
Omg Facts- Every day new interesting/odd/cool/funny facts are added.
Saves Watts- Google search on a black background to save watts, because black bacground uses less energy than white.
My Life Is Average- Funny stories that have happened to people.
Neopets EESTI Board- Hinthint winkwink nudgenudge to Aili. Just sayin'.
Tons Of Jokes- Speaks for itself.

Final topic of the day: Ella.

Were you expecting something else?
Annnyway this time it's really simple and comes with music:


You think it'll last forever. The people, and cars, and concrete. But it won't. Then one day it's all gone. Even the sky.

~The doctor. (Doctor Who season 1, episode 2 "The end of the world")


  1. You can stick your "tons of jokes" someplace not nice, thank you very much. Pressing enter for just a bit too long makes it open again, you know -.-

    Other than that, cute links. Especially the second to last :K

  2. xDD
    I'm sorry I just reaaaallllly couldn't help myself XD
    too easy to slap that to the end... tooooo easy XD
    & Yup, I know right ^-^

  3. Meh. For your credit, it really is kinda funny.