Monday, June 21, 2010

Dr. Who.

So here they are. Reasons why you should totally watch Dr. Who.

1. Sci-fi.

I mean who can really resist The wonders of aliens? Travelling to different planets, mortal danger that the charming lead characters always come out of without a scrach? With dr who there is the added bonus of time travel. Go anywhere whenever you want. literally. 16th century earth? Easy. 51st century earth? Piece of cake. End of the world? Brilliant, let's do it.

2. Plenty of Squee! Moments

Because all you want to see at the end of the episode is a really cute fluffy moment when the heroes (or the side characters, who have been sizzling away, almost clouded by the Doctors amazingness) finally get together. But no, this is no cheesy mexican soap opera. This is Doctor Who. This is brilliant.

3. Comedy

How many times have I thought I'd die of laughter while watching that show? Jeebus, too many to count. The show can be completely hilarious without being tacky. Not many shows can pull that off. One that I can name that does pull it off is Stargate. But I have to mention that sometimes Dr. Who tends to be even more funny. There isn't one episode that would pass without at least one joke.

Detective-Inspector Bishop: Start from the begining, tell me everything you know.
Doctor: Well, for starters, I know you can't wrap your hand around your elbow and make your fingers meet.

General Staal: We have an intruder!
Doctor: How'd he get in? In-tru-da window?
These are just a few examples. The hilarity... Oh there's a lot of it.

4. Drama

Because in my opinion you can't take a show seriously when it's too shallow. And there is nothing shallow about Doctor Who. I've been on the verge of tears several times and I never cry when watching TV shows. Ever! Not even during the Titanic.

5. Plot

Just for the record these are not in any special order. Just in the order they pop into my mind, because otherwise the plot should be #1. The most important part of the show.
And there is plot. Ooooh there is plot. Sometimes you can see the arc building. you can see the little stuff they say or see and you know that it'll be relevant later on
but sometimes it just hits you in the end like a ton of bricks.
"Oh my god, but I knew that! It was so obvious. I should have realized it!!"
And no matter what episode it is, you will never be bored. There is no politics, no legal stuff to worry about.
Well perhaps the Judoon but The doctor knows how to get rid of them. Those episodes are the greatest journey of your life.

6. Great Graphics.

Nothing is impossible.
Nothing looks cardboard.
They can make you feel like you are floating in the bloody London during the Blitz in 1941. Because when it comes to graphics and ideas, they dont hold back. And everything is possible.

I'd love to show you a picture of Rose hanging from a hot air balloon in the middle of The Blitz but Google is being particularly uncooperative and I just can't find it. This one is from the same episode and as a bonus has John Borrowman as Jack Harkness in it. SQUEE!!

7. The actual history knowledge.

You get to meet people like William Shakespeare, Madam de Pompadour and Agatha Christie and many others! You get to follow as the Doctor and his companions travel to the history or to the future, which I admit is not as historicaly correct as the historic part, but still ...

Madame de pompadour and The Doctor

8. The changing characters

This might not seem like such a good thing at first, but it's great when you don't particularly like the current doctor.
In Dr. Who, the doctor has regenerative abilities. If he is dying, but not quite dead yet, he can regenerate. During regeneration, all cells in his body change. Hence a new actor.
His female companions just sort of go away or get stuck in parallel universes but no biggie. He is rarely alone for more than a couple of episodes.
And besides, this regeneration keeps the show fresh, actors not-bored and The Doctor is always young and good looking.

Some people say that he's getting younger with each regeneration. I personally don't see it. Do you?

Do I really need to continue?
Just watch this clip and then tell me you don't want to watch it.
I'll come to Viljandi, tie you to a chair and force-show you all episodes starting with the ones from 1969. Don't ask where I'm going to find the missing episodes. I just will, kay?


The Doctor: All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?


  1. Fine-fine, solid arguments. But I'm afraid you'll have to go with plan B, that is tie me to a chair and force me to watch every single episode, because right now I just don't have the time for it. Sorry x)

  2. *sigh* well lack of time is a good excuse, I admit. So no tying anyone to any chars today.
    Just make sure that when you do suddenly have time and want to take up new series then you consider Dr Who first n_n

  3. I will :)

    But reaching that stage will take time. Lots and lots of time :K