Friday, June 18, 2010


Soyeah. Class trip to tartu.

Well obviously I'm going to start from the very beginning and give a detailed description

stoopid thing.
anyway long story short: 3 hours of sleep then up at 5am, then on the bus, over saaremaa, on the ferry, to viljandi where we stopped for a while to go to the bathroom and stuffs. On with the original post now:
The drive was pretty interesting for us. I mean the only hills we have in saaremaa are about 5 cm off the ground XD
So this was fun.
Sorry bout the poor quality, I was sitting in the third row and it's generally pretty hard to take pictures in a bus.
Anyway. Tartu.
Pretty city. Real Pretty. At first we were supposed to find a place to eat in Tartu but since some roads were close on the way, we were about half an hour late and therefore we had to hurry straight to the museum. Zoology and Geology.
To be quite honest with you, the 3 hours of sleep and 4 hour drive were taking its toll on me and I just opted for quickly looking through the exhibits and then sleeping when the guide was talking. And I forgot my camera into the bus so no pictures.
Then off to Lõunakeskus for something to eat and possibly to some stores. They gave us about an hourto eat and look around. Bambi, Kati and I obviously went straight to the music store and then bookstore after eating. No CDs, but I did get a book.
I have always loved Stephen Kings horror books and I sure as hell hope I'm not going to have to be dissappointed this time. Over 400 pages and it was cheap. Why oh why don't we have bookstores like that in here?
scratch that. Why oh why don't we have bookstores in here?
So after our hour was up, we went to AHHAA center. Lotsa fun.
They had this forest economy exhibition and I must say, it was awesome.
too bad I didn't take any pictures.
that was exhibition number 1.
Next up was an exhibition about climate or something. In there was some helicopter simulation thing. I'd love to upload the movie I made when Kati was trying it out but I'm fairly fond of my life.
And after that darwins exhibition where you could test your reactions and memory. My memory wan't all that good but I'm officially the reaction queen with a score of 79.
The score might not tell you much but I just had to post this here to make sure I won't forget it.

Others went to 4D cinema but I was still pretty sick from the bus ride so I opted for staring blankly at the skaters.
Then we had more time to shop and stuff and then they took up to the jailhouse.
I mean schoolhouse. Tartu Descarte'i lütseum. Or something like that.
at first when we got there I thought it looked pretty horrible.
Then they took us inside.
So obviously they were scared we are going to break their classrooms so they took up to the old gym
The door outside had to be locked at all times and there were EFFING BARS IN FRONT OF IT.
The mats we were to be sleeping on might as well be concrete floor because one thing they were not was soft. atall.
It might not look like that, but the place was scary as hell.
also I didn't take pictures of the really scary way in which was a series of NARROW, PITCH BLACK, DIRTY concrete corridors.
it looked like an effing prison.
Made me wanna run out screaming.
Anyway, the teacher gave us about 3 hours of free time and Bambi, Kati and I took off. First we went to Eeden, some supposed store nearby. It was about as nice as the school so not wanting to go back to that dungeon... I mean school, we walked to Tasku. It was awesome. For us, hillbillys that was like heaven.
And then, after spending lots of time in Rahva raamat there, we went to Tartu kaubamaja to check out the Apollo and possibly look for another music store. There is a disturbing lack of music stores in Tartu. At least in the places we went to.
And then back to that horrorhouse and I won't even bother correcting myself, we had to try and sleep.
Jeebus it was impossible.
first of all the floor was so notsoft that basically every position hurt.
...And get yo mind out of the gutter people!
Anyway it was also cold so during those 4 or so hours I actually managed to sleep, I was slowly inching closer to bambi, who was inching away from me, closer to Kati, who was also inching away from her until her head came in contact with the metal foot of the bench.
When I woke up, I was about 30 cm from the place I fell asleep.
And the pillow I had was so small that I spent half the night sleeping on the floor. Que the horrible headache for the rest of the day.
Official wake-up was 8am.
I woke up around 6:30 and never fell asleep again because people started talking and laughing and someones alarm went off and so on.

Then they took us back to Eeden so we could eat and then we went to the city center to walk around and stuffs.
We went to Vanemuine to kick those gong thingies there...
Posed with important people...
Looked at the university...
Where, by the way, I managed to take a picture of Aili.
Anyone who has ever tried to take a picture of Aili should be impressed right about now.
Sorry, Aili, but I just had to put it up.
It's so rare, I can't go without showing it off.
Then we climbed up to that church thingy and stuff. Everything you would exect a bunch of tourists to do.
Moar pictures? Here.
Then we went to Elistvere Animal Park, where I met up with some long lost relatives
Like my uncles Tõnu and Mihkel
Their wife (it's complicated) Mari, who had to be separated from them to stop multiplying
And her children: Juku, Juhan, Juula and Jaanus.
Don't you just love family reunions?
Well for some reason all the animals in the park were having a siesta, so basically they were all sleeping. Even the lynx, whose ass I managed to capture on a photo.
I should prbably get the framed.
Moar pictures? If you didn't check this, then do it now.
Also I forgot to mention that before Elistvere, we went to Tasku and Taru Kaubamaja again and I gots me two more books:
Percy Jackson: Titan's curse.
It's the third book from Percy Jackson series if I'm not mistake. The first book, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was made into a movie and Bambi bought that, so I figured I might as well take some other part of the series so we can switch later.

And the third book was this: Worlds most interesting encounters with aliens. Three 300+ page books.
At least I won't be bored anymore.

And yeah, then we came back
ooh also, when we got to Virstu, guess what ferry was awaiting us? Saaremaa. The same ferry that is having it's first official ride today. There were just so many people yesterday that they decided to have it go back and forth a couple of times unofficially.
Anyway, I'm not going into details about how awesome and whatnot it was. You can probably read about that in all ym classmates blogs.
I personally think that it was not such a big deal but whatever.
Soyeah. that concludes that trip and I shall now bless you all with Some awesomesauce music I found a couple days ago

His new songs are love.
just sayin'

I so wish I could have found his new CD in the stores...
*sigh* maybe I'll have better luck in Finland.
Anyway. Bye-bye for now!

Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.
~Phyllis Diller


  1. Homeeeeeeeeehomeeeehomehomehomehome!!!
    Khm. Home /away from home/, I meant u_u

    Anyway - PFFFFFFTTTTT at your first choice of shops. Eeden = pointless. Now Tasku, that's a whole other deal. Pretty much love every inch of it. But you already know that :D

    I don't know much about music stores - yarrrrr - but isn't there one in the mall? I'm fairly sure there is...

    Also, does any of those pictures happen to have Bambi or that Kati of yours? And more importantly, why don't I see /you/ in any of those? -.-

    Other than that, cute post. Got me all missing Tartu again. Whyohwhy does summer have to be this long?! xD

  2. Eeden was closest so... XD
    but it was so pointless we only spent like 10 minutes there and then the three of us took off to bigger stores sothere u_u

    which one? there was one in lõunakeskus, but not one in Tasku or Kaubamaja.

    Bambi and Kati are in fotoalbum :D
    me? I was the hand behind the camera B)

    :D right. poor lil you.

  3. Too bad you didn't have time to go to the movies. The seats in Cinamon are awesomesauce u_u

    Hmm, okay. I'm probably mixing up Tartu and Tallinna Kaubamaja here. There's a pretty good music store in the latter.

    You've got comments and stuffs under pictures so I can have a look at your friends if I wanted to? :D

  4. yeah we wanted to go but notime unfortunately :/

    yuh, whenever we went to a mall, first thing we did was find a map so that we could locate every music/book store. and there was none in Tartu so...


  5. Well, next time x)

    Right. The music store I was thinking about is really a film store. Figures. CDs or DVDs, who really sees a difference? xD
    Besides, I never go there anyway u_u

    I mean that if I look a the pictures, will I know who's on which picture?

  6. yuh, it was :D

    && no, but you can always ask XD

  7. TL;DR

    also where are the pics of you? D:

  8. =_=
    we already went over that.