Monday, June 28, 2010


So after I did the whole "Reasons why you should totally watch Dr. Who" I figured that with all the people coming on my blog, who aren't Kairi or Bambs, I might just do a whole Reasons Why You Should Watch Stargate.
Just for the heck of it.

So here it is.

1. Jack O'Neill

It's Jack. The awesomesauce ex-MacGyver lead character, who always has the funniest lines.
Always. So just plain awesome. No other words can be used to describe him.

2. Daniel Jackson

The absolutely brilliant and funny and nerdy archeologist, who is sort of immortal and has a dark past. Brilliant. Funny. Nerdy. And he speaks 23 languages. And is immortal. Need I say more?

3. Aliens

It's Sci-fi, bitches. I bet even Twilight would be bearable with some added asgards, or better yet, Furlings. Anyway. Why do I love sci-fi so much? Well, obviously because it has just so many options. Pretty much nothing is ever impossible, it rarely gets boring and there is always something new waiting for you just around the corner.

Warning: if this picture gave you the sudden urge to throw up... Sci-fi is not for you, hun.

4. Forbidden love. (sort of)

Over the series we see Sam, the brilliant scientist in the team, hook up with several men, we see all men around her mindlessly falling in love (I have never liked calling Sam a Mary-Sue but sometimes it just feels like it, doesn't it?) and so on and so forth but in our hearts we know that the only man she can really be together with is Jack. We just know it and so does she. Bloody military with it's rules and regulations...

5. Overdressed bad guys.

Because we love laughing at them. And they just look pretty awesome. Well to be quite honest, only the Goa'ulds were overdressed. The Ori had a thing for tin foil and the replicators were just plain underdressed, but still.
Just enjoy the whole overdressed-ness for those 8 seasons.

Nirrti or Lord Yu would have been better examples, but Sokar is just going to have to do.

6. Humor

Because, seriously, would you really want to watch some depressing Angst-ridden show for 10 seasons? I think not. And if you do, I'll kindly redirect you to Torchwood. Plenty of angst to go around and as the season-end cliffhanger... everybody dies! How's that for a cliffy, eh?
Anyway, back to the point. Stargate is brilliantly funny. Seriously, they actually have to episodes where they are mocking themselves! Now that's humor.

Shifu: If the instrument is broken, the music will be sour.
Dr. Jackson: The music does not play the musician.
Shifu: Normally there is truth in that.
Dr. Jackson: Really? Good. Cause I really didn't have any idea what I was talking about.

Teal'c: The propulsion system and communication array have been damaged beyond repair.
Col. O'Neill: Ah that's good because according to my calculations we are roughly in the middle of…nowhere. Give or take.

[Carter and O'Neill are lying close to one another for warmth.]
Capt. Carter: Sir?
Col. O'Neill: It's my sidearm, I swear. [Sam starts to laugh] No giggling... please.

7. History knowledge.

Because how else would I know that Ra is an Egypt sun god and uhm... well I can't remember anything else interesting at the moment but gimme a break, it's 1:13 am.
Here, contemplate these Goa'uld system lord symbols instead.

8. The Ori

The Ori were the galactic bad guys in seasons 9 and 10. And I'm sorry but I just so happen to think that they were the coolest bad guys ever. Right after Ba'al that is. End of discussion.

9. Great actors.

Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver and don't you tell me you don't know who that is)
Amanda Tapping ( Sanctuary )
Michael Shanks (I'm sure he's been in cool shows, just none pop to mind at the moment)
Ben Browder (Farscape)
Claudia Black (Farscape)

And if shows like farscape and Sanctuary don't tell anything to you then rest assured, they do mean something to me a nerd like I am.
anyway. That's it for the moment. Again, I might update this when I remember something else but for now this is it.


With a Little Stargate, Anything is Possible
~ Tagline from Stargate SG1


  1. Lol, now this one I've got to comment real long, to be continued or not xD

    1. JAAAAACCCKKKKK!!!! The best thing since sliced bread (or however they say it u_u).

    2. You chose a heck of a picture to express Daniel's... nerdy-ness xD Because, well, let's face it - that's one hunk of a Daniel you've got there. And as far as being funny goes - he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell against Jack u_u

    3. Did we ever hear anything else about the Furlings, aside from them being one of the four races? o.O

    4. If Jack's the best thing since sliced bread, then Sam/Jack is the best thing after Jack. Those two are so cuteeee! Also, in your faces, Narim, Martouf, Fifth, Orlin, agent Barrett, Pete Shananananahan and whoever else. It's JACK for her!

    5. I don't remember what Nirrti looked like :(

    6. Jack: Luuuccyyyy, I'm homeee!
    Teal'c: I am not Lucy u_u

    7. It's pretty clever to show us a black symbol on a black background. Just sayin'.

    8. The Ori? All I have to say is pfffft -.-

    And I'll be waiting for your continued reasons to comment on every single one of them :D

  2. Also, HOW COULD I FORGET?!?!?!

    6. Sam: Erm... Colonel?
    Jack: It's my side arm, I swear.


  3. 1. Yeah, I put that there, keeping you in mind so.. XD

    2. Well it was this or one of the really early pictures with long hair and nerdy nerdyness. This is supposed to show that he's versatile B)

    3. nope, but still. The name is cute XD

    4. yes, yes. Also wrote all that with you in mind XD

    5. Nirrti was the hindu woman with all the wancy hindu clothes B)

    6. yes but that is more like an inside joke, best understood when you watch the show ^-^

    7. yeah, I realized that after I posted but the picture thing is still frozen.

    8. Daniel as ori priest.
    nuff said.

    yesh, as soon as I find time and think up more reasons. :D

    &&& yeah, I'll add that too:D

  4. Mkay, on with the dialogue xD

    1&4. Nice to see I have priority in your blog :D

    2. Why not just combine two pictures? Because when I look at the season 8 or whatever Daniel, there's no nerd. Just a hot macho guy with glasses.

    3. Ah, dangit. And here I was hoping I had missed something -.-

    5. Right, I knew that. Just don't remember what the clothes looked like :D

    6. Psh.

    7. Well, the current version is somewhat better :D

    8. Nope, not nearly enough. I haven't got to seeing that part yet :D I'll admit, the dude you have on the picture here might look pretty cool-ish, but the general priest crowd... Meh. I prefer the Goa'uld.

    9. Farscape and Sanctuary don't tell me anything? :D Okay-okay, I /know/ about them, just never saw. And didn't Michael do something at your belowed Who? :P
    Also, I don't like RDA as MacGyver nearly as much. Just for the record u_u

    *goes off to watch the video*

  5. Ah, watched it. (You see how dangerous it is to make SG1 related posts, right? You'll never see the end of my comments xD)

    So... first thoughts. How many times exactly did the Odyssey get blown up during the video? Why do /all/ bad guys have glowing eyes? (I never noticed it with the Ori before.) And oh how many delicious Sam/Jack moments I've missed!

    Anyway, 'tis a cute video. The choice of music didn't really work for me, though. All dramatic and serious. SG1 isn't dramatic and serious. SG1 is good /fun/ sci-fi.
    But I guess that's just my personal taste -.-

  6. 2. too lazy to change that now 8)

    3. sorry, no ^-^

    5. pooooogleeeittt! 8D

    7. ikr?

    8. That be the Ori Doci. and Daniel was A-W-E-S-O-M-E as a priest.

    9. well you probably should add those to the list of stuff to watch, which is probably getting mighty long already XD but anyway michael was not on dr who, he was indeed on sanctuary but only as a guest role so.
    and neither did I :)

  7. as for the second comment, I chose that vid just because it was in my favourites and it combines moments from all the seasons of Sg1. Sister breathing down my neck, waiting for me to start Shrek 4 while I was finishing my blog post soyeah XD