Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleeping cycle? What is it and how do I eat it??

I'm amazed at myself. I really am.
For many reasons. First of all I'm amazed that in four days I have made four blog posts.
Second of all I'm amazed that I actually have slept till 3~4 pm every day for the past week or so. That's a little too late even for me.
Third of all I'm amazed that I have actually made plans for tomorrow. Sleepover at Kadis. So there is hope for me yet.
Fourth of all I'm amazed that my hair hasn't run away yet. It's probably in a permanent messy pigtail that covers my head. I think it has even forgotten what a comb looks like.
Seriously thoughmy hair looks awful and I haven't combed it in... two days I think?
Or more, I dunno.
I'm also amazed that I survived the New Years Eve and Christmas.
I'm amazed that it's 2010 already. Seriously though, what happened to the past 10 years?
I'm amazed that I'm in 8th grade. I made it past kindergarden? Seriously?
I'm also amazed that I have started listening to metal/rock/hard rock music and wearing dark colours
Apparently that one happened quite some time ago.
I'm utterly amazed that I have been chatting on EESTI boards for 6 months now and I haven't pissed anyone off yet. I haven't right?
I'm amazed that I haven't got glasses yet. I sit behind the computer screen for 6+ hours every day (haha I wish, it's probably more like 8+) . But that is probably only because I haven't been to a doctor to check my vision since last spring.

So as you can all see I'm pretty amazed with stuff that has happened in those past 10 years. I didn't even notice most of them happening.
If anyone build a time machine I'd like to rewind and do everything again, mkay?
Well okay, maybe not. Perhaps just those last 2-3 years... So many things I should have done... So many oppourtunities I wasted. *sob*


what the heck am I doing? Wasn't I the one that advised a friend of mine to let go of the past? Did you know that it's much easier to give advise, than to take advise?
Just scratch everything that I wrote so far and let's begin again.

Hello. Here I am again! Your favourite nobody.
Nothing happened today.
Thankyou for reading,


  1. You know, I quite like your title for this post. How /do/ you eat it?!

    And no, you haven't pissed anoyone off. Yet.
    Okay-okay, just kidding. You won't, either. It's I who sould be worrying about that xD

  2. psh, yeah right.
    Naw I still think that I will get someone angry before you. *nodnod* it's a gift.