Friday, January 15, 2010

End of first week!

And I'm still alive!! *the men cheered, the women fainted and children waved multy-coloured flags!!!!!*
khm anyway. Not much has happened but I still have news.
So first of all, ski camp. It was supposed to take place somewhere near Otepää, which is a lousy 6 hour bus-ride from Kuressaare. Anyway it was supposed to be for 5 days. lots of skiing, sightseeing and snow.
But... our school doesn't have enough money for that. Figures.
but that doesn't mean that the ski camp will be cancelled, oh no. They decided that the best course of action will be having us ski in Saaremaa on Monday, dragging us to Otepää for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then Having us ski in Saaremaa again on Friday. So basically, we have lots of skiing on suckish tracks for Monday and Friday and then Whole day of bus ride for Tuesday and Thursday and a day of actual camp on Wednesday. That is probably the worst idea yet. Seriously. Oh and we have to pay over 1000 EEK for it all.
Oh joy.
So what else... oh, right Physics olympiad. I'm going to fail royally and there is nothing you can say to make me think otherwise. And I just noticed a bunch of random capital letters throughout my rant about the ski camp. Funky.
Ohyeah (how many times have I said 'oh' again?) Yesterday was skiing. It wasn't too bad. I mean my skiis were far too slippery and the sticks one uses to push themselves forward were about 20 cm too short but other than that it was juuuuust peachy.
No, really, it was. I just have to remember to buy new stick-thingymajingys and wrap my MP3 in plastic bags next time.
Hmm... anything else? Probably, but I can't think of anything right now, so whatever. Doodles!


  1. Simple question: why won't you just skip the camp crap? I mean, over a thousand for something like /that/? You're out of your mind.

  2. it's that or random lessons with random classes for a week and possibly having to make of for the skiing I should have done at camp.
    I think I'll stick with the camp, but if the payment is over 1500, I'm out.