Sunday, January 3, 2010

A weapon of mass destruction... boredom.

Ehh... Here I am again.
And I'm bored.
It's not like I don't have anything to do. It's just that I don't feel like doing anything I need to do... if that makes sense. Probably doesn't but hey, it sounded quite logical in my head. That's all that matters, right?
Maybe not.
My point is that I have lots to do and I have wasted the day.

That's a lie.
Not the wasted the day part but the part where I have lots do to.
I don't, infact, have anything to do. Exept for studying for numerous olympiads but the truth is that I really don't understand most of those problems and I'm so not going to contact my physics teacher via MSN. nu-uh. No way.
Besides I think that he's not even online. I hope.
Just checked and he is indeed offline. So now I really don't have anything to do.
And what do you write about if you haven't done anything the entire day?
I registred my little blog #2 for that contest, yes, but that is hardly anything to talk about.

Seeing as I have nothing to do I would like to write to my blog. Writing is good, keeps your mind occupied so you don't feel that bored anymore. Unless you have to write about something truly pointless. Then even writing becomes unbearable.
All in all I'm back to the point where I'm going to say that I have othing to write about. Or nothing to do for that matter.
I could read, yes. There is a ton of interesting books neatly stacked onto my cupboard and now that I think about it I should probably relocate them. My CD player probably wants it's spot back. It's not like I have any place to put all those books but I could at least walk around the room for a few minutes, poke through some corners, loudly exclaim that there is no room for them in my bookshelves and sit back into my chair. The only problem is that it will keep me occupied for around 2.5 minutes which isn't nearly enough to... Not nearly enough time for what? I have no idea. But I'd still be bored.

Maybe I will start reading. This book looks quite interesting:

Egypt: the world of the Pharaohs.
Well I guess this is it.


  1. Kelly -.-
    I've told you a dozen times already: go and read Gone with the Wind! I just began re-reading it and if I happen to finish before you... *glares threatheningly*
    Of course that book of Egyptology looks interesting, too, but we're talking priorities here.

  2. sorry, but right now I'm deep in the world of egypt so I can't hear you.
    *hums the tune of stargate because that's the only song that reminds me of egypt with the fact that goa'ulds were mostly egypt gods and goddesses. *nodnod**

  3. Ohwow. That sounds so fail xD
    Not Stargate or the Egyptian Goa'uld of course, but the theme song reminding you Egypt. It's so... not Egyptian to me :D
    (By the way, I'm disappointed Hathor the Goa'uld wasn't a cow like Hathor the Egyptian goddess -.-)

  4. well but the opening theme on some season was some egyptian thingymajingy.

  5. I remember about new year when I went to that science fair thing we watched this documentary about Egypt and the stars.

    Was pretty boring,but probably because I already knew most of it.But watching a movie on the ceiling was pretty cool though.

    Just sayin.