Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesh. it's school tomorrow.
You know, homework, getting up at 7 and all that jazz.
The new semester hasn't even started yet and I'm already skipping homework. So me. Yeah russian is the second lesson tomorrow and i haven't even looked at that story we have to know by heart.
But then again which lame teacher would leave homework over winter holidays?
Oh, that's right. Russian and Estonian teachers.
Ohyeah, a quick look into eschool told me that I had scored A-s on my last Physics and Maths tests. I have no idea how it happened, but hey who am I to complain, right? x)
Next semester is going to be hell. Well technically 3rd semester will begin on 18th and until then it's still 2nd semester but whatever. doesn't change the fact that I'm going to have to juggle my homework, ski camp, three olympiads and the constant urge to go ice-skating.
Oh yeah, I'm so screwed. I mean I have a week to study for physics county. I have been procrastinating for a month and now it's all collapsing on me. Oh joy. And when I'm finally done with physics, I'm going to have to start worrying about Chemistry.
And then the ski camp
and then biology.
I'm soo screwed.

Oh yeah, I saw Avatar today. Amazing movie. If you haven't seen it yet... Well then you have made a big mistake and should be rushing to the cinema to fix it.


  1. I do believe I was telling you to watch Avatar about two weeks ago already. And just think of how it looks in 3D.. :O
    Yeah. It owns B)

    Anyhoo... Procrastinating is another thing that owns. You've probably seen enough how I keep putting off studying for my exams xD No worries for you, though, it's only 8th grade stuff. You'll do just fine ;)

  2. yeah you were but it came into the cinema this friday so xD

    yupyup, but stillllllll
    I dun't want to be /last/ on the olympiads either. Been there with maths already -_-

  3. You have? :O
    But there must have been a mistake! Go demand them senile teachers to correct those results at once! Really, the nerve of some... Maths teachers who can't add up even the simplest points. How annoying -.-

  4. no actually it was me who had to leave the second page empty because I was in wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over my head n_n

  5. Le bleh -.-
    It's lies you speak, girl, lies, I tell you! :O

  6. xD actuallly, no. I really didn't know any of that material so x)

  7. I told you that movie was incredible.

    and just go ice skating sheesh,give way for it to happen.You dont have to be studying all the time you know.

  8. so you did. And just for the record I never disagreed with you.

    and yeah, I wish it were that easy.