Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hulluks minemas.

I'm losing it.
Not my mind. though on second thought I have probably already lost it.
But I'm talking about my mother tongue.
My first language.
And it's some scary stuff.
Today for example, and I quote myself here "Ma ei taha even teada kuidas mu juuksed tagant välja näevad."
See, translated to english it would look something like that: "I don't EVEN want to know how my hair looks from behind."
If you haven't figured it out yet then I used the word 'even' in my sentence. And didn't even realize it.
took me ten minutes to figure out why exactly the sentence felt funny.
And that is just one of many examples. I have said stuff like "ma callin sulle" (I'll call you) and didn't notice anything before my sisters pointed out that I'm not making sense anymore.
I spend so much time on the internet speaking in english that I'm forgetting estonian.
My intention was to make my blog in estonian, so that I could speak in estonian more, but when I started doing it, it felt funny and I switched to english.
Maybe my mother was right when she said that I shouldn't spend that much time on the internet.
I'll end up like Jack after he got the ancient repository downloaded into his mind. (Stargate refrence). Talking in another language and not even knowing it.
Maybe I should start blogging in estonian.

Anyway we had skiing today again. I'm starting to remember why I hate it so much.
I'm also a bit proud of myself I actually did all three laps (about 6 kilometers in total) and finished before the lesson ended (double PE, so I did it in less than 90 minutes. ) Now of course I would have done it even faster but the seventh graders had formed a ski train ( people are all tightly behind each other, because no one wants to pass anyone. and the people in the back of the train cant pass because they have like 6 people in front of them and... well you should get the point.) So I was stuck there for like 20 minutes. Then I started climing the hill kinda thingy we have there and then I was almost at the top and I tripped over someones ski pole and fell when I wasn't even on top of the hill thingy yet. I fell into a very uncomfortable position and it took me another 10 minutes to actually sort myself out and get my skis off. Thankfully I did it without falling off the hill. Or well more like sliding down. The I realized that the top of the hill was so crowded and ... well impossibly small that there was no way I could get my skis on up there. And I just took them and walked down. Once I was down I saw that the tracks on the hill were messed up and everyone trying to ski down from there ended up doing slalom. I guess I'm kinda happy I didn't ski down from there. Every seventh grade boy was standing on the hill and was just trying to trip everyone while they were coming down. Specially the dude I'm unfortunate enough to call 'a relative'.
I'm amazed we are from the same species.
well I have certainly talked a lot and I will be shutting up right about now. Oh and also, I'm going to the ski camp so I will be gone for three days in a couple of weeks.
Well bye!


  1. Yep, I know the feeling. Mistõttu tulebki rohkem eesti keelt rääkida :D For me the wake-up call was when I asked Märten something in the lines of "Joinid meiega või eelistad omaette chillaxida?" He laughed at me being the great protector of Estonian language (which I really love, by the way, and I hate that EstEnglish stuff that keeps surrounding us) and I realized it's time to turn back to the roots. Besides, discarding Estonian vocabulary isn't really helping my aspirations as a translator :D

    Anyway, yes, I understand where you're coming from u_u

  2. Jah, just nii u_u
    But yeah, actualy having a life would help with that.

  3. I keep telling you to drag your lazy butt to Viljandi and go out with Oskar (double win: he gets to meet a non-annoying girl for a change and you get to practise intelligent Estonian), but do you listen? Right -.-

  4. first of all how do you know I'm not annoying? xD
    second of all what good it would do me f I wouldn't understand him. that's just make me double annoying. xD
    and third of all...

  5. ok Im not reading that I have too much of a headache.

    I got the estonian thing but it wouldnt be fair to me but okie.

    I'll see you on my birthday?Hopefully Im well by that time.

  6. Umm... There's definitely something here that doesn't make much sense to me. If only I could put my finger on it... xD

  7. Well, I'm assuming you won't be /there/ there, so there's most likely another kind of "there" you're talking about, right? :D

  8. yeah, he found some site where you can have webcom chats with multiple people xD

  9. and now I gotta write another comment so that the comment number would be even :k

  10. Hmm. That's certainly an original way to spend one's birthday :P

    And bwahaha, I always come here to uneven your comment count :K

  11. that's point, when I see that the comment count is uneven I know that someone has posted a comment and that I shall reply ^-^