Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A post for 19th of January. Featuring Stalker Cullen! I mean... Edward.

Mkay, so I'm here to make a real post this time. You know one where I actually talk too. I thought it would be a nice change.
Once again I'm faced with the question "What the hell has happened since my last post?"
Hmm... Kay so I got my report card.
Nothing fancy there.
I managed to fail in physics just like I said I would.
I still haven't taken down the Christmas decorations because I'm too lazy.
And that's about it. I sure do live a boring life.
Ooh well just a few minutes ago I realized that my Edward poster was missing a few crucial details so I fixed it.

I'm specially proud of the hair.

It's supposed to have some silver streaks in it but I guess they don't show at this angle u_u Ohwells.
Argh, I can't believe it. I don't have anything to talk about. /Again./ Talk about a boring life, eh?
Well yeeeeah... unfortunately this is it for this time.


  1. god that's creepy.

    Also I didnt know you got your report card as well.

    Sorry about not doing so well in physics,you did your best.

    and again that is creepy,stop making him look creepier than he already is.

  2. psh. you think he's creepy now, try having him in double size right behind you
    but I got used to this n_n
    and I win't stop so just get used to it x)

  3. Oh no, I can't believe this! Pat got here before me! How will I go on?! Woe is me...

    "The boy over there, with the perfect nose, eyes and lips... And chiseled chin, broad shoulders, strapping chest and tree trunk arms and that V-shaped torso, thin waist and muscular legs like that of an Olympic cyclist. And perfectly manicured finger and toenails. Who is he?" -"That's Edweird. Rumor has it that he's only interested in 5 ft 4, average looking dark haired girls who only recently moved to Sporks from a hot climate state."

  4. You should make this your profile picture on Facebook.

  5. yeah it is XD
    man I want to buy that book *_*

  6. Oh you facebook-people -.-

    Anyhoo, I went to download the book right away. Sadly... my source of all kinds of written goodness failed me this time. Perhaps the book is too new/unknown. I shall pirate myself a copy eventually, though u_u

    Oh, and that Edwart version is very much available at my source xD

  7. yesyes xD
    though I did post those pictures to orkut too, just to annoy my sisters xD

    sure you will XD
    well if you do please tell me where you found it, mkay?