Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quick post!

Just a really quick post to show a picture. It's Paul McGillion on sanctuary as an abnormal.
I think it's cool, but hey - I'm a freak too.
Well enjoy... Or don't. I don't really care.



  1. Well... He sure is abnormal alright xD
    And no, abnormal is not a bad thing (I veryveryvery much liked Todd and he's a friggin wraith for pigeon's sake!), but Carson... Well, he's Carson. I like him as Carson. Normal, you see :D

  2. yes, I do.
    I guess I just like to see familiar actors playing different roles
    Michael Shanks played an abnormal too youknow.
    but it was ... different.

  3. Was Michael as abnormal as this dude or did they have mercy on him and there were no scales included? x)

    (Oh, by the way, do I /have/ to mess with that verification-thingy every time I try to comment?)

  4. no, his face was left alone. he just had this... thingy, like a... pouch... on his stomach... where he could put small stuff...
    uhm this sounds really creepy
    but yeah

    and yeah, I think so.