Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Of black candles and stuff.

Howdy everyone!
So first things first. Kairi said that she has never seen a black candle.

So now you have. I can assure you it's a black candle, through and through.
Just ignore the mess behind it.

So I was at Kadis place yesterday. Sleepover. Hence the no-blog-post day. I had fun. Avoided computer for an entire day, Watched 'proposal'
God that's a great movie. If you haven't seen it yet then most certainly go and watch it.
Which makes me want to see Miss Congeniality again. Gotta love Sandra Bullock.
There's lots of snow outside.
Lot's and lots. And apparetly more to come.
And apparently that's about all that has happened lately.
Well doodles everyone.



  1. Ugh, eerie stuff. Sorry dudette, but I prefer my candles yellow/green any day u_u

    Agreed about Proposal, though! I watched it... uhh, way too long ago, but it was funneh. Oddly enough I'm getting an urge to watch something completely different, though. Yeah, might just go for Emperor's New Groove tonight xD

  2. :D yesyes
    proposal was great though, I truly like almost all movies with sandra bullock.

    Watching Miss Congeniality right now :D