Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh my oh my oh my.

Looks like I'm blogging again. About what? Who knows u_u
It's not like I have anything to talk about.
Oh yeah I got my ski equipment. I guess it's something. It means that I actually managed to drag myself out of bed before the stores closed. Well okay it was only 30 minutes before the stores closed but still. I would call that development. But then again I'm not normal either.
Anyway. ski stuff. Right. If you think I'm happy about it you are wrong. I'm definetely not happy to have those shiny plastic thingys in the corner of my room. Laughing into my face and reminding me that I have to go skiing soon. Not fun not fun at all.
Don't get me wrong I like skiing. I'm born in a country with snowy winters and parents who like to ski. I used to like skiing. I used to love it to be honest.
And then, then it became mandatory in school. There is nothing worse than a teacher yelling at you to move yourself faster because you'll be late to next class. Ugh. They really know how to suck the fun out of everything.
Enough of my whining now. Just stare at this pretty picture and imagine that everything you read so far was deep and meaningful.


  1. Ah, I hate how they ruined it at school, too. Like, my father invited the lot of us (me, my brother and mom, that is) skiing today and all I could do in response was just stare at him and finally mumble something in the lines of "please, no". Might have hurt his feelings a bit, but I hope he understands...

  2. yeees. Dad invited me skiing tomorrow too, to test out my new skiis and stuff. My response was prettty much same.

  3. Be lucky you guys get the chance to even ski.You'd think people surf here but no we dont.

    Is skiing as hard as it looks?

  4. hard? uhm... I dunno. depends on who you ask.
    I'd say that no, it isn't.